Lindsay Cunningham

Freelance Proofreader & Content Creator

Hello! I’m Lindsay,
and I enjoy creating content.

“Creating content” is vague, but for the past 16+ years of my career, I’ve prided myself on adapting to the ever-changing digital and communication fields. This has led me to create a lot of different content! I specifically enjoy proofreading, writing for the web/SEO, website building and copywriting. 

With my experience, skills and adaptability, I’m here to help you enhance your work!

Lindsay on sidewalk downtown Cedar Falls

Environmental headshot of Lindsay

My Work

My work experience has been split between NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the University of Northern Iowa, and I have a wealth of writing, proofreading and special project examples to show off!

My Services

My expertise lies in proofreading, copywriting and website building. I truly enjoy paying attention to detail and providing quality content.

If you think my services would be a good fit for you and your content needs, let’s talk!